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>netsh interface ip show

The following commands are available:

Commands in this context:
show addresses - Shows IP address configurations.
show compartments - Shows compartment parameters.
show config    - Displays IP address and additional information.
show destinationcache - Shows destination cache entries.
show dnsservers - Displays the DNS server addresses.
show dynamicportrange - Shows dynamic port range configuration parameters.
show excludedportrange - Shows all excluded port ranges.
show global    - Shows global configuration parameters.
show icmpstats - Displays ICMP statistics.
show interfaces - Shows interface parameters.
show ipaddresses - Shows current IP addresses.
show ipnettomedia - Displays IP net-to-media mappings.
show ipstats   - Displays IP statistics.
show joins     - Displays multicast groups joined.
show neighbors - Shows neighbor cache entries.
show offload   - Displays the offload information.
show route     - Shows route table entries.
show subinterfaces - Shows subinterface parameters.
show tcpconnections - Displays TCP connections.
show tcpstats  - Displays TCP statistics.
show udpconnections - Displays UDP connections.
show udpstats  - Displays UDP statistics.
show winsservers - Displays the WINS server addresses.

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